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IPI was created in 2002 to support students and faculty advocating on behalf of Israel on the Northern California college and high school campuses.  IPI provides the experience, knowledge, dedication and financial resources that enable independently run student groups to educate their campus communities on the real facts pertaining to the Middle East conflict and repudiate the 60 year campaign of anti-Israel propaganda.

We are successful because we are former student activists volunteering our time, like the students we serve, out of common conviction to this most important endeavor.   IPI has a sharp, pragmatic edge that gives us clarity of purpose and a resolve to expose the hypocrisies of many Middle East critics.

Our mission is to halt, and reverse, the erosion of support for Israel prevailing on college campuses by helping students make their case for Israel.  In so doing we enhance the commitment to Israel and Judaism of the next generation of community leaders.