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John Moghtader, ASUC Senator, Co-Founder
UC-Berkeley Tikvah Students for Israel

“We have a great deal of respect for the IPI, what they stand for and how they operate. They have been absolutely critical to Tikvah's success on the UC-Berkeley Campus."

Yonatan Weinberg, Co-Chair
UC-Berkeley Tikvah - Students for Israel

“Based on their personal experience the IPI Board has helped us, the current generation of students, effectively advocate for Israel. Their support and mentorship has been invaluable to our group, Tikvah: Students for Israel. IPI has helped me learn how to plan and put on effective pro-Israel events. The skills I've attained will help me the rest of my life."

Jennifer Chernick, Past President
Stanford University Students for an Open Society

“Without IPI's support, SOS would have been unable to put on the events we've organized that have made our organization so unique on campus. The individual members of IPI have devoted unlimited time, energy, and resources to helping our organization succeed, as well as like-minded groups on many other campuses. IPI is an essential force in promoting truth and awareness about Israel and the dangers to Western Civilization."

Liz Rickles, Editor in Chief
UC-Santa Cruz Leviathan Jewish Journal

“Thank you IPI for everything you do for us! Leviathan Jewish Journal would not be able to print without your financial support."

Omri Brinner
San Jose State University Spartans for Israel

“IPI is a unique organization that challenges student's and requires the best out of them; it's worldview is logical and thoughtful but mostly it is inspirational. I am proud to say I took part in one of their conferences and am looking forward to future activities."

Ariel Kaplan, Exec Committee
UC-Berkeley Tikvah - Students for Israel

“Without IPI, Tikvah: Students for Israel, at UC Berkeley may never have truly gotten off the ground. IPI's members are insightful and dedicated, and their help is surely invaluable to any Bay Area University Israel advocate."

Dr. Amichai Magen, Lecturer in Law, W. Glenn Campbell National Fellow
Stanford Law School, Hoover Institute

“In today's critical struggle against campus Anti-Semitism, IPI is a genuine leader in community-based pro-Israel activism. IPI is a model grassroots organization that not only deserves our recognition and support, but should also be emulated by communities across America."

Boris Hanin, Past Co-Chair
Stanford University Students for an Open Society

“IPI is a group that really understands not only the difficulties but the opportunities and importance inherent in defending Israel and Zionism on Stanford's Campus. Doing it without them would be nearly impossible."

Tammi Rossman-Benjamin, Lecturer in Hebrew
Dr. Ilan Benjamin, Professor of Chemistry
University of California - Santa Cruz

“We are extremely grateful to the IPI for their on-going and generous support of our efforts to combat anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism at the University of California Santa Cruz."