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Sue Maltiel, Executive Director of Hillel Silicon Valley, 2004-Present
“On behalf of the students, board and staff of Hillel of Silicon Valley thank you very much for the support that we have received from the Israel Peace Initiative for our pro-Israel work on our campuses.... Without the support of IPI we would be severely limited in our ability to meet this important need."
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Yossi Amrani, Consul General of Israel, Pacific Northwest Region 2000-2004
“Your group's passion and determination to help educate public opinion, and especially high school and university students, is welcome and much appreciated. I wish your group "Israel Peace Initiative" much success."
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David Akov, Consul General of Israel, Pacific Northwest Region 2004-2008
“I am writing to commend the Israel Peace Initiative on your hard work and dedication for the State of Israel. It is highly encouraging to witness the involvement and commitment of your diverse members to Israel's campaign."
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Mervyn K. Danker, Executive Director of American Jewish Committee, San Francisco Northern California
“The meaningful input and contribution of those who make up the “Israel Peace Initiative” deserve the commendation and gratitude of all who support and cherish the Jewish State."

Roz Rothstein, Founder and Executive Director Stand With Us
“It has been a complete pleasure for StandWithUs to work with the IPI. The growing organization offers effective support to students and faculty who care about Israel. Founded by people who were active when they were on campus, each member of the IPI Board understands deeply the challenges that we face today and the need for strategic, effective activism. We co-hosted a conference for students from a variety of Northern California campuses in February of 2009, and it was an easy and effective collaboration. From start to finish, the planning and implementation of the weekend conference worked beautifully. I remain proud of our partnership and look forward to future opportunities. Thank you Israel Peace Initiative... may you continue to grow from strength to strength! All the best and congratulations,"

Rabbi Gil Leeds, Director Chabad Jewish Student Center @ UC Berkeley
“The immense degree of dedication and devotion that IPI displays to Jewish students in the Bay Area is truly praiseworthy and inspirational. College campuses are quite often an epicenter of activism and radical thought, and IPI’s investment of time and resources in such places is certainly vital to the future of our Jewish community."

Michael Harris, Director San Francisco Voice for Israel
“The IPI has successfully reached out to pro-Israel students at college campuses across the Bay Area, and provided them with personal support and training. At a time when the environment on campus for supporters of Israel is challenging, students need to know that they are not alone, that the local community will support them when they stand up for Israel."

Rabbi Ephraim Kamin, Campus Liason - Jewish Studies Network
“IPI plants seeds of enthusiasm, dedication and understanding about the relevant issues facing Israel today into the hearts and minds of today's university activists. By doing so, IPI is ensuring that Israel will have informed and enthusiastic advocates ready to identify with and represent the land of Israel. With the experience, direction and support the IPI will ensure that these young leaders have the resources to represent Israel even in the most hostile environments. IPI provides the unaffiliated Jewish university student a foothold in Judaism."